Aerial view of Jermantown Square & West Fairfax in Fairfax

Aerial View of Jermantown Square & West Fairfax in Fairfax, VA

The aerial view gives you an opportunity to see the well-planned design of Jermantown Square. This unique viewpoint shows off how the shopping center’s convenient location near Route 29 in the highly accessible community in Fairfax, VA. Jermantown Square is in the perfect location for great visibility for your business. With a daytime population of approximately 123,000 in a 5-mile radius and daily vehicle traffic of 41,000, it is clear that Jermantown Square is an ideal setting for your service, shop or office to grow. Neighboring centers located in the area include nationally recognized retailers such as K-Mart and WalMart, bringing new traffic and customers in daily. Be part of the Jermantown Square community in Fairfax, Virginia, and you’ll see the difference! Learn more about Available Space at Jermantown Square & West Fairfax.